2014 Archive: Diamonds and Dogs

December 31, 2014

NephroGenex Inc. (NRX) NephroGenex is skyrocketing today, up 204.09% to $14.14. The pharmaceutical company that focuses on kidney treatment saw its shares pop after it announced that its lead drug was found to be safe in a cardiac safety study. NephroGenex is evaluating the drug pyridorin in a late-stage trial... Read More

December 30, 2014

NeuroDerm Ltd. (NDRM) NeuroDerm more than hit the daily double today, up 162.46% to $16.22. The pharmaceutical company saw its shares explode after encouraging news from their Parkinson's drug. NeuroDerm announced continuous, subcutaneous dosage of two of its proprietary liquid levodopa/carbidopa (LD/CD) product candidates, ND0612H and ND0612L, resulted in clinically... Read More

December 29, 2014

The Manitowoc Company Inc. (MTW) Manitowoc Company is trading higher today, up 9.27% to $22.86. The company is a crane designer and manufacturer, as well as food service equipment retailer. Manitowoc saw its shares jump after billionaire investor Carl Icahn disclosed a 7.77% stake in the Wisconsin-based conglomerate and revealed... Read More

December 17, 2014

Volcano Corporation (VOLC) Volcano Corporation is exploding today, up 55.18% to $17.83. The precision guided therapy tool company saw its shares jump after news it would be acquired by Royal Phillips NV for $1 billion. "Volcano’s impressive and unique product portfolio is highly complementary to our strong offering in... Read More

December 15, 2014

MicroFinancial Inc. (MFI) MicroFinancial Inc. is bucking the trend today, up 22.77% to $10.19. The commercial and consumer finance company saw its shares spike after news it would be acquired by Fortress Investment Group. Under the terms of the agreement, Fortress Investment Group will commence a tender offer for... Read More

December 10, 2014

Calithera Biosciences Inc. (CALA) Calithera Biosciences was painting the tape green today, up 29.88% to $17.17. The biopharmaceutical company saw its shares skyrocket after positive trial news. Calithera announced results of studies with primary human breast tumors that support glutaminase as a potential target in triple negative breast cancer (span... Read More

December 9, 2014

BlueBird Bio Inc. (BLUE) BlueBird Bio is flying high today, up 72.35% to $84.26. The clinical stage biopharmaceutical company saw its shares spike after positive news on its blood treatment. Management said that two patients with a killer blood disease have been able to forgo blood transfusions for at least... Read More

December 4, 2014

Hawaiian Electric Industries Inc. (HE) Hawaiian Electric is shocking investors today, up 14.46% to $32.26. The electric and utility provider for the state of Hawaii saw its shares catch a spark after news it would be bought out. NextEra Energy Inc. said it plans to buy Hawaiian Electric for $2.6 billion... Read More

December 3, 2014

Technical Communications Corporation (TCCO) Technical Communications is securing a profit today, up 41.20% to $5.66. The security devices and system company saw its shares pop after news of a contract with Egypt. Technical Communications announced late yesterday that it signed a contract with the government of Egypt for $3.3 million... Read More

December 2, 2014

Twitter, Inc. (TWTR) With a solid performance today, Twitter is the Diamond of the day. Twitter finished the day only up .15% to close at 38.91. However, Twitter recently came out with a new way to flag abusive tweets. Therefore this new improvement in Twitter technology should show in their... Read More

December 1, 2014

Can-Fite BioPharma Ltd. (CANF) Can-Fite BioPharma is trading higher today, up 18.34% to $4.85. The biopharmaceutical company saw its shares jump over $1.00 intraday after news of a potential breakthrough for its drug. Researchers from St. Louis University found that Can-Fite’s drug, CF-101, binds itself to the A3 adenosine receptor... Read More

November 28, 2014

Southwest Airlines (LUV) Southwest Airlines was flying high today up 3.80 to a 41.82 stock price close. Southwest is on the rise due to current low fuel prices and posting a positive financial report after the third quarter in 2014. Southwest plans to expand its new international operations to 50... Read More

November 26, 2014

Veeva Systems Inc (VEEV) Veeva Systems is filling up investors before Thanksgiving, up 10.68% to $31.92. The cloud solutions company saw its shares skyrocket after better than expected earnings. For the quarter, revenue was up 52% to $83.6 million for earnings of $0.09 per share. Both numbers beating analysts’ estimates... Read More

November 24, 2014

Prosensa Holding N.V. (RNA) Prosensa Holdings is on fire today, up 63.11% to $18.66. The biopharmaceutical company saw its shares explode after news that BioMarin Pharmaceutical would buy Prosensa. The deal is worth as much as $840 million, which is a hefty price for a company that does not have... Read More

November 20, 2014

Kirkland’s Inc. (KIRK) Kirkland’s Inc. is looking great today, up 21.28% to $21.94. The home décor and gift company saw its shares jump after better than expected earnings. For the third quarter, Kirkland’s announced revenue of $117.2 million or $0.07 per share, both beating analysts’ estimates of $114.4 million and... Read More

November 19, 2014

Stage Stores Inc. (SSI) Stage Stores is trading in the green today, up 18.17% to $18.60. The specialty retail department store company saw its shares rally after better than expected earnings. For the third quarter, Stage Stores announced a loss of $5.3 million on revenue of $364.2 million (an span... Read More

November 18, 2014

SunEdison Inc. (SUNE) SunEdison is shining today, up 29.20% to $21.46. The solar energy and semiconductor company saw its shares skyrocket after news that it would acquire First Wind for $2.4 billion. The deal will allow for SunEdison to get into wind energy and help to increase its green installations... Read More

November 17, 2014

Celldex Therapeutics Inc. (CLDX) Celldex Therapeutics is trading in the green today, up 28.60% to $18.21. The biopharmaceutical company saw its shares take off after positive results from its trials. During its mid-stage brain tumor trial, Celldex found that when its drug, rindopepimut, was combined with Roche’s drug Avastin, tumor... Read More

November 14, 2014

Geron Corporation (GERN) Geron Corp is looking healthy today, up 18.40% to $2.74. The biopharmaceutical company saw its shares spike after news that it would sell the last drug in its pipeline to a branch of Johnson & Johnson. Geron management said Janssen Biotech agreed to pay $35 million upfront... Read More

November 12, 2014

Susquehanna Bancshares Inc. (SUSQ) Susquehanna Bancshares is a high flyer today, up 33.35% to $13.20. The bank saw its shares soar after news that BB&T would purchase Susquehanna for $2.5 billion. Susquehanna stockholders will receive 0.253 share of BB&T common stock and $4.05 in cash for each share. The deal... Read More

November 11, 2014

Raxspace (RAX) Raxspace is racking up the gains today, rallying 13% to $42.25. The number one managed cloud company announced better than expected earnings results last night as the company saw its’ best sequential revenue growth in almost two years. The company is signing more large deals of over... Read More

November 10, 2014

Dean Foods (DF) Dean Foods is looking delicious today, up 14.29% to $16.48. The milk company saw its shares pop after better than expected earnings. For the quarter, management announced a loss of $0.03 per share on revenues of $2.37 billion. Both numbers top analysts’ estimates of a loss of... Read More

November 7, 2014

Sears Holdings Corporation (SHLD) Sears is not going down without a fight, up 33.21% to $43.52. The retailer saw its shares spike after announcing that the company would sell some of its stores to a Real Estate Investment Trust in order to raise capital. The deal consists of Sears selling... Read More

November 6, 2014

Planar Systems Inc. (PLNR) Planar Systems is lighting up today, up 72.84% to $6.40. The electronic display and LCD display company saw its shares pop after beating earnings estimates. For the first quarter, Planar announced a 17% increase in revenue, which came in at $53.6 million. Analysts’ were expecting... Read More

November 5, 2014

Elecsys Corporation (ESYS) Elecsys Corporation is making its investors very happy today, up 80.36% to $17.26. The machine to machine communication technology company is running up today after news that it would be acquired by Lindsay Corporation. Lindsay will acquire Elecsys for $17.50 per share in cash, for a... Read More

November 4, 2014

Mannatech Incorporated (MTEX) Mannatech Inc is a high flyer today, up 52.03% to $21.36. The nutritional supplement and skin care product company saw its shares explode after a solid earnings report. For the third quarter, the company announced that revenues were up 25.3% to $55.6 million. The increase in revenue... Read More

October 30, 2014

Omeros Corporation (OMER) Omeros Corporation is trading higher today, up 42.83% to $16.54. The biopharmaceutical company saw its shares soar after being granted pass-through reimbursement status from the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services. Omeros’ drug, Omidria (for use during cataract surgery), which received FDA approval earlier this year,... Read More

October 29, 2014

Usana Health Sciences Inc. (USNA) Usana is looking very healthy today, up 24.28% to $21.33. The nutritional and personal care company saw its shares move higher after a great earnings report. For the quarter, Usana reported a profit of $19.5 million or $1.47 per share on revenue of $191.9 million.... Read More

October 28, 2014

Receptos Inc. (RCPT) Receptos Inc. is making its investors happy today, up 37.50% to $93.14. The biopharmaceutical company saw its shares soar after its bowel-disease drug succeeded in its mid-stage trial. RPC1063 had proven significantly better than a placebo in patients with ulcerative colitis (UC), a disease involving inflammation and... Read More

October 24, 2014

Digital River Inc. (DRIV) Digital River is moving higher today, up 47.30% to $25.60. The cloud and payment solution company saw its shares spike after news that it would be acquired by a private equity group led by Siris Capital Group. The private deal is an all cash deal for... Read More

October 22, 2014

Regulus Therapeutics Inc. (RGLS) Regulus Therapeutics hit the daily double today, up 103.10% to $13.75. The biopharmaceutical company saw its shares soar after positive results from their hepatitis C drug. A single injection of a microRNA therapeutic directed at a genetic target in the liver of hepatitis C patients produced... Read More

October 20, 2014

Sears Holdings Corporation (SHLD) Sears is looking good today, up 23.06% to $34.96. The retail company saw its shares trade in the green after announcing that the troubled retailer would raise up to $625 million through a rights offering of 8% senior notes and attached warrants. This offering is the... Read More

October 15, 2014

Penford Corporation (PENX) Penford Corporation is soaring today, up 70.43% to $18.73. The natural-based ingredients for food company saw its shares climb after Ingredion Inc. announced it would buy Penford for $340 million in cash. “Penford’s range of products addresses growing consumer trends, including nutrition, gluten-free, food textures, and sustainable... Read More

October 13, 2014

Lakeland Industries Inc. (LAKE) Lakeland Industries is on a tear today, up 43.73% to $29.00. The safety garment and accessory company saw its shares explode after the continued scare over Ebola has sparked the sales of hazmat suits. The nurse who contracted Ebola from Thomas Duncan in Dallas was wearing... Read More

October 10, 2014

Exact Sciences Corporation (EXAS) Exact Sciences is looking great today, up 35.76% to $24.60. The molecular diagnostics company saw its shares pop after Medicare officials recommended a $502 reimbursement for Exact Sciences colon cancer screening test. Colonguard is a non-invasive colon cancer screening test and was expected to see a... Read More

October 8, 2014

Trio-Tech International (TRT) Trio-Tech is on fire today, up 21.95% at $4.00. The semi-conductor equipment company saw its shares spike after better than expected earnings. For the fourth quarter, the company announced the revenue increased 10.2% to $9.38 million or $0.07 per share. Both numbers beat last year’s numbers of... Read More

October 7, 2014

CalAmp Corp. (CAMP) CalAmp is looking electric today, up 21.03% to $19.97. The wireless communication company saw its shares skyrocket after better than expected earnings. For the second quarter CalAmp announced revenue of $59.2 million which was in-line with analysts’ estimates. However the company earned $0.21 per shares which was... Read More

October 6, 2014

Durata Therapeutics Inc. (DRTX) Durata Therapeutics is looking healthy today up 74.64% to $24.24. The infectious disease and acute illness therapy company saw its shares pop after news that Acatvis agreed to purchase Durata for $675 million. An Actavis subsidiary will make a tender offer to buy all outstanding Durata... Read More

October 3, 2014

Mobileye (MBLY) It was a good day to be a bull. Positive economic data and a positive mention on CNBC’s Fast Money segment last night got the high flying tech stock, Mobileye going today. The Isreali based maker of autonomous vehicle control technology rallied 4.9% to close at $57.70... Read More

October 2, 2014

GoGo Inc (GOGO) Gogo (GOGO) was on the go today closing up 5.25% to $17.04 on speculation of a possible buyout offer from Verizon. Gogo, an airline in-flight wireless connectivity provider recently partnered with Virgin Atlantic to provide in-flight connectivity services for the airline. Virgin Atlantic is the... Read More

September 30, 2014

Move Inc. (MOVE) Move Inc. is moving on up today, climbing 37.08% to $20.96. The online real estate, finance, and moving company saw its shares spike after announcing the News Corp. purchased Move for $950 million in an all cash deal. News Corp paid a significant premium as Move Inc.... Read More

September 26, 2014

Janus Capital Group Inc. (JNS) Janus Capital is on fire today, up 39.51% to $15.50. The asset management company saw its shares reach a 3.5 year high after news that “Bond King” Bill Gross was leaving his 43-year tenure at PIMCO to join the Janus team. Gross, a founder... Read More

September 25, 2014

LipoScience Inc. (LPDX) LipoScience is exploding today (admist a sharp market decline), up 62.70% to $5.19. The nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) company saw it shares pop after news that it would be acquired by Laboratory Corp. of America Holdings. NMR is being used to measures patients’ cholesterol... Read More

September 23, 2014

Galmed Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (GLMD) Galmed is trading in the green today, up 43.21% to $9.28. The pharmaceutical company which focuses on liver diseases and cholesterol gallstones saw its shares jump after news that the FDA approved a fast track designation of their drug, Aramchol. The fast track designation means... Read More

September 22, 2014

The Clorox Company (CLX) Clorox Company’s shares are looking fresh and clean today, up 7.35% to $97.23. The consumer product company saw its shares climb today after it announced it would discontinue its business in Venezuela. “For nearly three years, Clorox Venezuela was required to sell more than two-thirds... Read More

September 19, 2014

Concur Technologies Inc. (CNQR) Concur Technologies is flying high today, up 17.95% to $127.15. The travel and expense management company saw its shares pop after news of a buyout. German company SAP confirmed that it would buy Concur for $129 per share in a deal worth about $7.3 billion.... Read More

September 17, 2014

FedEx Corporation (FDX) FedEx is delivering to investors today, up 3.27% to $159.71. The delivery company saw its shares jump after better than expected earnings. The company saw its first quarter revenue climb 6% to $11.7 billion which equates to an EPS of $2.10, both beating analysts’ estimates. FedEx... Read More

September 16, 2014

Sino-Global Shipping America Ltd. (SINO) Sino-Global Shipping is going full speed ahead today, up 29.06% to $3.24. The shipping agency for ships entering and departing Chinese ports saw it shares pop after announcing that its revenue spiked 452.5% to $3.7 million, year over year. The company said that the huge... Read More

September 15, 2014

Avanir Pharmaceuticals Inc. (AVNR) Avanir Pharmaceuticals skyrocketed today up 85.31% to $12.49 after announcing positive phase 2 trial results for their drug AVP-923. The drug showed better results than the placebo in treatment of agitation in patients with Alzheimer’s disease. The good news led analysts from Piper Jaffray to raise... Read More

September 12, 2014

Rewalk Robotics LTD. (RWLK) Rewalk Robotics may be the Diamond of the week. Rewalk Robotics surged ahead today with an increase in their stock value by 113.33% from their previous close of 12 to 25.60. Rewalk is a bionic walking assistance system that allows paraplegics to stand up, walk,... Read More

September 11, 2014

Vail Resorts Inc. (MTN) Vail Resorts is on top of a mountain as their stock value increased 8.98 points, which is up to 11.70% from their previous close of 76.77. Vail Resorts runs different ski resorts all over the United States. The company is headquartered in Colorado and... Read More

September 10, 2014

Annie’s Inc. (BNNY) Annie’s Incorporated is up big 12.59 per share or 37.57% from their previous close of 33.51. Annie’s Homegrown is a California based company, which produces organic and natural based pastas, snacks and meals. They are widely recognized for their organic macaroni and cheese. Their increase in share... Read More

July 25, 2014

LyondellBasell (LYB) LyondellBasell Industries is up on shares today to $107.30 per share, which is a 4.72% increase. The American multinational chemical company headquartered in Houston, Texas saw its shares increase after a much better than expected second quarter. The prolific second quarter for LYB is due in... Read More

July 24, 2014

Under Armor (UA) Under Armor is protecting their house and then some today, up 13.31% to $68.70 a share. Earnings reported for the American Athletic Apparel Company showed 34% growth to $610 million and net income of $18 million. The reported earnings for UA shattered expectations and investors took note... Read More

July 23, 2014

Puma Biotechnology Inc. (PBYI) Puma Biotechnology exploded today up 219.82% to $230.51 after a previous close of $59.03. The biotech company saw its shares more than triple after their breast cancer drug neratinib passed its trial’s goals in a stage 3 trial. The scenario for Puma and its shareholders was... Read More

July 22, 2014

Chipotle (CMG) Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc. soared on Tuesday up $74.89 from its previous close to $664.91 a share. The more than 12% increase on the day for the American Fast Casual Dining franchise is due to reported earnings for its second quarter blowing past analyst’s expectations. Analysts predicted... Read More

July 21, 2014

Diamonds and Dogs 7-21-14 Diamond: EMC Corporation EMC Corporation is on the way up today to $28.19, a 4.48% increase. The American multinational corporation headquartered in Hopkinton, Massachusetts offers data storage, security, and analytics for businesses of all sizes. Their shares advanced on this day because activist investors Elliot... Read More

July 16, 2014

International Business Machine Corp. (IBM) IBM is flying high today up 2.5% to a posting of $193.18. IBM has struggled in the last eight quarters with a consistent decline in revenue. But in a surprising move, IBM has teamed up with their once fierce rivals in the... Read More

July 15, 2014

Kandi Technologies Group Inc. (KNDI) Kandi Technologies Group was impressive today up close to 5% to $19.53. The Chinese Technology Group’s stock spiked this week after they announced respectable sales of their electric cars produced in partner with Geely. Kandi Technologies has been acknowledged as the Tesla Motors of... Read More

July 14, 2014

Tenaris (TS) Tenaris is down today to $ 45.46 declining 4.80% from its previous close. The international manufacturer and supplier of steel pipe products has traditionally dealt with oil and gas , energy and mechanical industries from its headquarters in Luxembourg. Share prices declined for Tenaris today after the stock... Read More

July 10, 2014

Lumber Liquidators (LL) Lumber Liquidators better be yelling timber today because they are crashing and burning down 19% to $56.10 a share. The American Lumber Company headquartered in Virginia is the largest specialty retailer of hardwood flooring in North America. After second quarter results were posted they showed a dismal... Read More

July 8, 2014

Macquarie Infrastructure (MIC) On a day were the Dow slipped below 17,000, Macquarie Infrastructure stock reached their 52-week high of $68.41 up 11.31%. The American Infrastructure Company is flying higher than ever today due to their acquisition of the other 50% of International-Matex Tank Terminals that MIC did... Read More

July 7, 2014

Penford (PENX) As reality sets in on this gloomy Monday after a long holiday weekend, there seems to be a handful of stocks that are on the rise. Penford (PENX) is trading at $13.61, which is up 8.79% from its previous close. Penford Corporation markets, manufactures, and develops naturally-based... Read More

July 3, 2014

Acuity Brands (AYI) It was not a very bright week for Acuity Brands; it ended at $118.33, down 17.43% for the week. The North American lighting company headquartered in Atlanta, released its third quarter results last week which were below analyst’s expectations. The posted third quarter earnings came to... Read More

July 2, 2014

Shutterfly (SFLY) As this hump day comes to a close, Shutterfly is flying high. Shutterfly is up 15.01% to $50.04. Shutterfly is an internet-based image publishing service with their main product being its photo book line. Shutterfly’s recent gains are caused by their recent addition of hiring an investment... Read More

June 30, 2014

Dicerna Pharmaceuticals Inc. (DRNA) Dicerna Pharmaceuticals is flying high today up 18.74% to $22.37 from a previous closing price of $18.84. The American biopharmaceutical company saw its stock soar after they announced a viable treatment for primary hyperoxaluria type 1, which is a rare liver disorder. Making headway in... Read More

June 27, 2014

LightInTheBox Holding Co. (LITB) The diamond of the day is LightInTheBox Holding Co., an online retailing company headquartered in Beijing. After the company raised its revenue guidance for the second fiscal quarter by $2 million, LightInTheBox’s stock price skyrocketed 20% by noon. Recently, their stock price had taken a beating,... Read More

June 26, 2014

GoPro Inc. (GPRO) GoPro soared in its initial public offering today due to the popularity and excitement surrounding the value of the action sports first-person video camera maker. The stock rose on this day as much as 31% to $31.43 per share. Investors were keen to get in... Read More

June 24, 2014

Diamond: Ambarella Inc. (AMBA) Ambarella Inc. is on the way up today to $32.34, a 6.25% gain up $1.90 from yesterday’s close. The digital video processor supplier is experiencing this surge as a result of its role as lone supplier of system chips to GoPro cameras,... Read More

June 23, 2014

Diamond: Agile Therapeutics (AGRX) Agile Therapeutics started off the week with a boom of more than 50% by 1 o’clock. The stock soared to a yearly high of $12.55 and volume reached 1.4 million, about 5 times higher than its average. Agile Therapeutics, a women’s health specialty company, announced the... Read More

June 20, 2014

Diamond: CarMax, Inc. (KMX) CarMax, Inc. is on the rise today after reporting very strong earnings. The used-car retailer saw revenues rise 13% and EPS grow 19% year-over-year. Revenues were $3.75 billion compared to an estimate of $3.59 billion,... Read More

June 19, 2014

Diamond: StemCells, Inc. (STEM) The Biotechnology remains in the spotlight today as the diamond for the day is StemCell, Inc. The StemCell therapeutics developer had positive results from its Phase I/II clinical trial for a neural stem cell platform. The platform is used for age-related macular degeneration. Tests resulted in... Read More

June 18, 2014

Insmed Incorporated (INSM) The diamond for June 18th is the biopharmaceutical company, Insmed Incorporated. The company was granted the Breakthrough Therapy Designation, meaning the FDA is willing to expedite the development and review of the drug. Arikayce, the treatment drug for adults with nontuberculous mycobacterial (NTM) that received... Read More

June 17, 2014

Giga-tronics Inc. (GIGA) The diamond of the day is Giga-tronics Inc. The company’s stock price exploded after receiving an order of $2.4 million for its precision scalar analyzers, which record precise power measurements. Giga-tronics hopes to send out the equipment within the next 6 months. Due to this large order,... Read More

June 16, 2014

Bluebird Bio, Inc. (BLUE) Bluebird Bio starts the week off with strong results from its gene therapy treatment, called LentiGlobin. The process was successful in replacing non-functional genes with functional ones. Two patients that were suffering from an inherent blood disease were able to stop relying on blood transfusions and... Read More

June 13, 2014

Diamonds and Dogs Diamond: OpenTable, Inc. (OPEN) Friday the 13th, a day usually known for its bad luck, marks the 52-week high for our diamond, OpenTable, Inc.. OpenTable, a restaurant reservation service, was purchased by Priceline (PCLN)this morning for $2.6 billion in an all-cash deal. This comes out... Read More

June 12, 2014

6/12/14 Diamond: Diamond Offshore Drilling (DO) Our diamond for the day is subsequently Diamond Offshore Drilling, no pun intended. The drilling company is up 3.5% to $48.52 on a day where most markets are down. The surge experienced by Diamond Offshore Drilling as well as other energy companies was due... Read More

June 6, 2014

Comtech Telecommunications (CMTL) Comtech Telecommunications is flying high today, up 17.49% to $38.76. The telecommunications company specializing in advanced communications solutions saw its shares climb after the increased revenue and earnings from its third quarter of the fiscal year were made public. This improvement in revenue turned out better than... Read More

June 5, 2014

CIENA Corporation (CIEN) Ciena Corporations is soaring today, up 18.48% to $22.50. The United States based global telecommunications company witnessed their shares rise after investors recognized their vast improvement in the second-quarter of the fiscal year. This vast improvement has been due to their innovative strategy centered on supporting... Read More

June 4, 2014

Vanda Pharmaceuticals Inc. (VNDA) Vanda Pharmaceuticals is looking great today, up 25.35% to $12.56. The biotech company saw its shares soar after news that the European Medicines Agency accepted Vanda’s drug marketing authorization application for their drug, Hetlioz. Hetiloz is a non-24 hour sleep-wake disorder drug for the totally blind.... Read More

June 2, 2014

Protective Life Corporation (PL) Protective Life is trading higher today, up 11.85% to $58.50. The insurance and investment company saw its shares pop after news of a possible buyout. The rumor is that the Japanese company; Dai-ichi Life Insurance is planning on spending $5 billion to buy Protective. Dai-chi said... Read More

May 29, 2014

The Hillshire Brands Company (HSH) Hillshire Brands is going ham today, up 17.77% at $52.78. The meat-centric food company saw its shares take off after an buyout offer from Tyson Foods. Tyson offered Hillshire $6.3 billion which was well above Pilgrim’s Pride offer for Hillshire (which is why Hillshire was... Read More

May 20, 2014

Aeroflex Holding Corp. (ARX) Aeroflex is trading in the green today, up 25.39% to $10.42. The microelectronic company saw its shares pop after news that they would be acquired. Cobham (a British aerospace and defense company) agreed to acquire Aeroflex for $10.50 per share in cash. Cobham is making the... Read More

May 14, 2014

Kate Spade & Company (KATE) Kate Spade & Company is on fire today up 8.51% at $37.60. The fashion apparel and accessory company saw it shares jump after better than expected earnings for the quarter. For the first quarter, management announced that it lost $0.06 per share, which was slightly... Read More

May 8, 2014

Keurig Green Mountain Coffee Inc. (GMCR) Keurig Green Mountain Coffee is waking up its investors today, up 12.99% to $104.19. The K-cup coffee and coffee machine company saw its shares spike after better than expected earnings. Management announced an EPS of $1.08 on revenues of $1.1 billion. Both numbers... Read More

May 6, 2014

Office Depot Inc. (ODP) Office Depot is trading in the green today, up 15.83% to $4.83. The office supply retailer saw its shares jump after reporting better than expected earnings. Management stated that revenues came in at $4.35 billion with an EPS of $0.07. Both numbers beat analysts’ expectations... Read More

May 5, 2014

B/E Aerospace Inc. (BEAV) B/E Aerospace is soaring today, up 9.29% to $97.22. The cabin interior product company saw its shares jump after announcing it was looking to sell itself and may sell some of its assets of its German airplane seat maker Recaro. News of the sale came... Read More

May 1, 2014

Build-A-Bear Workshop Inc. (BBW) Build-A-Bear Workshop is trading in the green today, up 21.48% to $13.63. The stuffed animal store saw its shares pop after beating earnings estimates. Build-A-Bear announced a net income of $5 million or $0.29 per share, which crushed analysts’ estimates of $0.11 per share. Shares of... Read More

April 29, 2014

Orbital Sciences Corp. (ORB) Orbital Sciences is skyrocketing today, up 16.48% to $30.95. The small to medium size rocket and space system manufacturer saw its shares jump after news of announcing plans for a $5 billion combination with Alliant Technologies Inc. In the deal, Orbital shareholders will receive .449 shares... Read More

April 25, 2014

Prestige Brands Holdings Inc. (PBH) Prestige Brands is soaring today, up 18.16% at $32.27. The over-the-counter healthcare and cleaning products company saw its shares jump after announcing it would acquire Insight Pharmaceuticals. Under the terms of the deal Prestige Brands will acquire Insight for $750 million in cash to expand... Read More

April 22, 2014

Allergan Inc. (AGN) Allergan Inc. is skyrocketing today, up 15.15% to $163.51. The healthcare company saw its shares pop after news that Valeant Pharmaceuticals offered to buy Allergan. The offer that Valeant made was for $48.30 in cash and 0.83 shares of Valeant common stock in exchange for each share... Read More

April 16, 2014

Autohome Inc. (ATHM) Autohome Inc. is trading in the green today, up 13.72% to $35.64. The online Chinese car retailer saw its shares spike after an upgrade by Credit Suisse. Credit Suisse upgraded Autohome to neutral with a $36 price target based on valuations. Autohome shares almost hit that... Read More

April 14, 2014

Goodrich Petro Corp. (GDP) Goodrich Petro is both “good” and “rich” today, up 30.38% at $23.99. The oil and natural gas company saw its shares explode after it announced that it finished its Blades 33H-1 well in Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana. In a statement, the oiler said the well had achieved... Read More

April 10, 2014

Ruby Tuesday Inc. (RT) Ruby Tuesday is looking like a real gem today, up 11.91% to $6.67. The chain restaurant company saw its shares jump $0.71 after beating earnings estimates. For the quarter, Ruby Tuesday recorded a net loss of 4 cents a share and revenue of $295.55 million. Analysts anticipated... Read More

April 8, 2014

Vipshop Holdings Limited (VIPS) Vipshop Holding is looking good today, up 10.84% to $142.29. The online Chinese retailer saw its shares climb nearly $14.00 today after Credit Suisse upgraded Vipshop from neutral to outperform. The firm also increased its price target from $145 to $178. Shares of Vipshop were... Read More

April 7, 2014

Vocus Inc. (VOCS) Vocus Inc. is soaring into the clouds today, up 47.13% at $17.92. The cloud computing company saw its shares take off after news that it would be taken private. Vocus will be taken private by the private equity firm GTCR Valor Merger Sub Inc. in a... Read More

April 4, 2014

Synnex Corp. (SNX) Synnex Corp is outpacing the overall market significantly today, up 23.26% at $76.94. The business process outsourcing company saw its shares skyrocket after beating earnings estimates. Synnex said revenue climbed 22.8% year over year to $3.02 billion in the three months to Feb. 28. The results exceeded... Read More

April 3, 2014

Anadarko Petroleum Corporation (APC) Anadarko Petroleum is on fire today, up 14.44% at $98.96. The oil and gas company saw its shares jump after news that it reached a settlement in its ongoing Tronox case. The settlement was announced to be $5-6 billion instead of the $20.8 billion that the... Read More

March 12, 2014

Diamond Tesla Motors (TSLA) gets banned from Jersey today and boom! The stock is up by $7 to $241. No offense to the garden state, but investors must have realized that NY and PA do border them, and for those that need a Tesla Model X, they can cross... Read More

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