On-line Commissions

Equities: $19.95 per trade + $2.50 S&H on all Trades - *note: $5.00 additional fee for limit, stop, and GTC orders

Trading Requirements:
                                     Total value of trade in free cash or margin must be availble prior to executing trade.
                                     Trades in excess of 3000 shares must be entered in lots of less than 3000 shares or called into
                                     the trading desk at 315-655-2964 for execution
                                     Stock must be long in the account before it is sold. 

Miscellaneous fee for all accounts:
                                     Account Inactivity fee $30 / year for non-retirement accounts
                                     Annual IRA fee $35 / year
                                     Paper Document fee $2.50 / quarter
                                     TOA fee up to $125 per account