Our History

Leigh D. Baldwin started the firm, Leigh Baldwin & Company, LLC in July 1991 as an investment firm devoted to providing low cost transactions to individuals and professional traders. As one of the pioneers in internet based electronic trading, the firm has always clung to their belief that individuals can compete with the large institutions in terms of execution and low cost. Over its twenty-plus years in business, the firm has evolved, advanced, and expanded into a full service investment brokerage firm, without ever compromising on their original goal, to treat all investors equally. The firm believes that by keeping costs low and by always questioning the rationale of the favored crowd, that they can help their clients achieve their financial goals. Leigh Baldwin's entrepreneurial spirit and structure have helped the firm grow from one person to well over 100 financial professionals, managing over 1.5 Billion dollars in assets.

With offices primarily located throughout Central New York, Eastern Pennsylvania, and New Jersey, the firm continues to have strong measured growth. We invite you to find out more about Leigh Baldwin & Company today.