Achieve Financial Security

The Leigh Baldwin & Co., LLC Advantage

Leigh Baldwin & Co., LLC offers you a local response with a global vision and is committed to providing investors with the products and services necessary to engineer their financial security. Additionally, we have the technological capabilities for Internet investing, which is perfectly suited to the individual investor who seeks to take control of their own investment decisions. Click on Maxxinvest to learn about the extensive benefits of Internet investing.

Our company clears through National Financial Services LLC (NFS) - a Fidelity Investments Company. NFS provides centralized cashiering, extends credit for margin accounts and performs bookkeeping and execution functions for the cash and margin accounts that we service. NFS also handles the delivery and receipt of securities, distributes payments and maintains custody of all securities and funds once they are in its possession and control. National Financial Services


  • Free stock quotes and account balances - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via the Internet.
  • Before - and after-hours trading access
  • Personal attention, from an experienced, professional staff.
  • Access to over 7,000 mutual funds, including most major no-load families.
  • Special rates for day traders.
  • Free stock dividend reinvestment in brokerage accounts.


Products and Services

Securities Handled

Stocks, bonds (Treasury, corporate, municipal), mutual funds, CD's, zero coupon Treasury and municipal bonds and options.

Accounts Handled

Individual, joint, cash margin stock option, custodian for minor, trusts and estates, corporate partnership and investment clubs.

Cash Management

Money market funds, free check writing, debit cards, EFT cash machine access along with competitive margin rates.


Consolidate stocks, bonds, mutual funds (from more than 300 fund families) and check writing abilities.


Verbal and electronic confirmations. "Go Green" with our electronic statements and confirmations. NFS also provides concise monthly statements and year-end tax summaries that include purchase detail.

Settlement Schedules

Stock Transaction: - The second business day after transaction date.
Options: - The day following the transaction date. You must have cleared funds for the entire purchase amount - including commission - in your account before placing an order.
Checks: - Funds will be available when cleared through your bank.

Please make checks payable to National Financial Services LLC.