Diamonds and Dogs


Dicerna Pharmaceuticals Inc. (DRNA)

Dicerna Pharmaceuticals is flying high today up 18.74% to $22.37 from a previous closing price of $18.84. The American biopharmaceutical company saw its stock soar after they announced a viable treatment for primary hyperoxaluria type 1, which is a rare liver disorder. Making headway in the fight against this disease is big news for Dicerna because they may have found the first effective treatment for this severe liver disease. If trials continue to display an effective treatment for PH1, the medicine will be used to help patients and the stock will continue to go up.

Accelerate Diagnostics Inc. (AXDX)

Accelerate Diagnostics is crashing and burning on this day, down 15.53% to $25.41 from their previous close of $30.08. The diagnostics company fell in price due to the news that Illumina Inc. (ILMN) arranged agreements separately with other bio diagnostics companies including Center for Human Genetics and Biomnis. The agreements with Illumnia are meant for the consent of using a solution in testing and development. The news is detrimental to Accelerate because it hinders their ability to compete in this particular aspect of the industry and it should not mean well for the stock's long-term status.

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