Our Credo

We believe our first and foremost responsibility is to our clients, their families, and their future generations that have the confidence and trust to let us invest their life savings. In meeting their needs, everything we do should be of the highest integrity and quality. We will respect all clients, large or small, knowing full well that the importance to them is always relative to their own personal situation. We will always strive to maintain low costs and logical, easy to understand strategies. Clients' needs will be serviced promptly, with courtesy and professionalism. Our product partners and vendors will have the opportunity to make a fair profit. We will be responsible to our employees and independent representatives, the men and women that represent us and our brand throughout many regions. We must respect their individual needs and also recognize their merits. We must always give our associated partners and employees a sense of security with their position or business. Everyone will be treated fairly with the knowledge that we will always be loyal to the end. Finally, we will strive to provide competent, ethical, fiscally responsible, and accessible policies and procedures that reflect positively both on the firm and on those working with us. We are responsible to the communities in which we live and work. We will be charitable and give back to good works and bear our fair share of taxes. We will strive to our ultimate goal of improving the lives of others through our work and community involvement. Our work and careers should benefit us with a sound profit and that profit will be partially reinvested back into the firm as we experiment with new ideas, increase monetary reserves, invest in career development, and save for a "rainy day". The forward thinking, yet conservative, long term management of the people and assets of the firm should provide for the continued success of our clients, our people, the firm, and the communities in which we live.