Diamonds and Dogs



Verizon Wireless, VZ

With some of the news about the Apple's Iphone 4 simmering down, Verizon has emerged as a diamond stock. Verizon has been one of the few stocks showing positive results on the day with shares up $.5 or 1.9% to 26.78. The talks about the Iphone coming to Verizon have been lingering for some time now. However it was allegedly reported that we can expect the two companies to get together for a contract sometime around January. This alone makes it an interesting stock at the least for the next few months.



AT&T has been in the news today for faulty billing invoices along with miscalculated signal bars on the new iphone4. The lawsuit over consumer's billings occurred from fees for a discount international dial service that customers either did not approve of or they did not understand. The settlement gives customers $8-$10 or a 250 minute phone card. The miscalculated signal bars on the new Iphone 4 is the bigger problem of the two. Although neither Apple nor AT&T has taken full ownership, the problem will be fixed within the next few weeks with a software upgrade that can be downloaded right from the phone. With that said, shares were down today .14 or .58% to $24.20.

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