Diamonds and Dogs


Celator Pharmaceuticals, Inc.  (CPXX)

Celator Pharmaceuticals saw a surge of investment following an announcement that their Phase III Study of CPX-351 yielded positive induction response results. The stock noticed a $0.53 rise to $2.77 by mid-afternoon. Skipping all the dense information and heading straight for layman's terms, the drug was randomly tested alongside a standard chemotherapy treatment on 307 patients, aging from 60 to 75, with untreated secondary acute myeloid leukemia. The study showed an increase in the induction response of CPX-351, as compared to the usually chemotherapy. This result sparked much interest in the possible upside to drug. Further testing will need to be done, but researchers say the drug should be approved by the FDA by late 2017 or early 2018.

Transition Therapeutics, Inc. (TTHI)

Transition Therapeutics saw a $6.70 drop today to a stock price of $2.39. The more than 73% drop came after the results of its Phase 2/3 study of its drug ELND005 did not match up with expectations. The drug was designed to lower agitation and aggression in patients with Alzheimer's disease. The results showed a lowered agitation and aggression level in patients that both the drug and the placebo. Therefore, no conclusion can be made that the drug was the reason both agitation and aggression levels were lower, considering the placebo had the same effect. Though the full dataset is still being analyzed, the main goal of the drug was not met. 

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