Diamonds and Dogs


Research In Motion Limited (RIMM)

The Kentucky Wildcats just won the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship, because they played well above the RIMM. Similarly, most stocks today are playing above RIMM, which is down 9.46% at $13.01. Research in Motion has been very volatile lately, due to the falling sales numbers of Blackberry Mobile Phones. The sales have been declining for five straight quarters, causing the cell phone market share to fall to 13.4% in the US. Compare Blackberry's 13.4% market share to 50.1% for Google's Android powered phones, and 30.2% for Apple's iPhone. Along with declining sales, RIMM is facing a lawsuit brought forth by NXP for six patent infringements pertaining to design and data transmission. NXP is requesting that RIMM stop infringing on their patents as well as seeking compensation.

Annie's Inc. (BNNY)

Annie's Inc. is hopping forward today in time for Easter, up 11.69% at $38.70. Annie's Inc. is an organic food company with the well-known logo of a bunny. The company released its IPO around week ago and has had a good run since then. Annie's had a March 2011 sales increase of 22%, creating a large net margin of 17%. Furthermore, consumers are becoming ever more conscious about the foods that they eat; attempting to rid their foods of chemicals and unnatural additives. This is a growing sentiment among consumers, pair that with high levels of obesity in the US, and Annie's is well positioned to reap the benefits from this. Annie's should be able to continue to grow as long as it is able to meet their customer's needs, and make sure that no Pink Slime gets into their foods (like the meat industries recent problems).

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