Diamonds and Dogs


The Finish Line Inc. (FINL)

Finish Line couldn't break the tape for a win today, down 16.26% at $21.22 due to its current quarter outlook coming in lower than Wall Street expectations. The current quarter forecast shows the company tripping over its shoe laces, with a 30% profit decline. Finish Line's fourth quarter earnings sprinted past expectations with $456.3 million versus the expected $432.6 million. However, the company is struggling to keep that momentum; forcing it's investors to lower their valuations and race toward the sidelines. Finish Line's guidance shows an EPS of $0.21 which is much lower than analyst's estimates, which averaged $0.35. CEO Glenn Lyon stated that there is a strategic plan in place to help create more value for its shareholders, however there will have to be a large directional change to get Finish Line to place with a medal.

WellPoint Inc. (WLP)

WellPoint passed their check-up today, looking healthy, up 3.11% at $73.85. The company through its subsidiaries; such as Blue Cross Blue Shield, operates as a health benefit company. Amidst that Supreme Court ruling on ObamaCare, health care providers have received a booster shot from investors anticipating the decision. Although the Supreme Court has already decided the fate of ObamaCare, the public will not be aware of its decision till June. It feels very similar to waiting for test results from your doctor; you are hoping for the best but expecting the worst. WellPoint has shown huge growth in a short period of time, up around 15% since March 7th. With the Supreme Court withholding their decision, WellPoint could continue to grow and get into great shape for the nice weather.

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